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Silver Salmon Creek

My first day at Silver Salmon Creek was also a first day (this season) for ranger Danny Dresher who had recently been staffing the cabin at upper Twin Lake in the interior of the park. Danny had been resident here at Silver Salmon last year so he knows his way around and it was obvious that the lodge people were happy to see him back. He let me tag along on his rounds as he reacquainted himself with the local human, animal and fish populations. The owners of Silver Salmon Creek Lodge, David & Joanne Coray were particularly welcoming and gracious. Their lodge is beautiful and a highly recommended destination for your bucket list, especially if you like bears, fishing or wildlife photography. The lodge’s current clientele were attending a Thomas Mangelsen photo workshop and they were kind enough to let us eavesdrop on one of the digital slide shows of their days work. The group captured some incredible images so it was an exciting introduction for what to expect to see during my stay at Silver Salmon. It's fun to look through Mangelson's FB page and find some spectacular photos of familiar bears!

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