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commission examples

Working on commission is a natural offshoot of my illustration background.  It allows for the perfect blending of illustrative detail with painterly style.  I enjoy the challenges of collaboration and the enrichment I get from encounters with clients and subjects.  Telling the story of a special friend in paint is an approach to portraiture that I particularly enjoy.  Creating something tangible out of a memory, capturing not just the image, but the essence of a subject is extremely rewarding. 
                                               Inquiries welcome.

Gift Certificates make very special giving any time of the year, personal, unique and no wrapping required.

Image (right) shows front and back of a gift certificate for a small painting (5x7 or 6x6 inches).

We are happy to design custom cards and certificates for any price range and for any occasion. Contact the studio for more information.  


Examples of small works paintings, all are 6x6" in size.

FernWood Studio

robin peterson, illustration

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