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Supporting a Dream

I can't say that I really know Christine, but we have a connection. Sure, our paths cross in friends we both know and in a love for horses, but it's something more. She's living a dream that I can identify with, maybe you too. This dream consists of lots of hard work, early mornings, getting down & dirty. It persists in spite of sore muscles & epic levels of frustration. It continues because of "light bulb moments" and the elation of real communication between man & beast. Now Christine has the chance to show off the fruits of her efforts at the dressage finals in Kentucky. Exciting as that is, it will take more than dreaming to make it happen. Owning, keeping, riding and especially showing horses is not for the faint of pocketbook, so join us in helping Christine ride for all of us dreamers. Check out her FB page "Road to Kentucky" The fund raising auction is this Saturday. (6x6" painting of Christine & Ally)

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